Social Detox


That’s what the majority of us are, inside. 

Studies show that it is actually healthy for us to be home. That even though we love to travel, want to see different places, our bodies love to have a home. Even if your home is nothing extravagant, having a home is healthy. Science has shown that nomads, or people who don’t have a home, can be worn down and their bodies just don’t last as long as someone with a home. So if our bodies need a home, what about our souls?

The majority of people, or probably just Americans, seem to have nomadic souls. We are always going from one thing to the next to try and find rest. Social media is our main travel point, searching to find something in the lives of others that we know or wish we did. We are always searching for something else.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired inside. Sometimes I have no reason to be unhappy, but it just seems like it would take too much effort to be happy. I don’t feel sad, or angry, or depressed, just too tired to be happy. Being happy has become a chore, it costs.

I. Am. Exhausted.

I have had this idea in my heart for a month or two now about “disappearing”. I wanted to drop off the face of the earth for a little while, find somewhere that no one knew me and just rest. But then I heard this message by Judah Smith about our nomadic souls in a series he was doing about the soul. That’s when it hit me.

It’s not my physical body that needs to disappear or get away, it’s my soul that needs to find rest. I need to find rest in the only One who gives it. But it is so hard to do with all the social media out there. This may sound stupid, but I’m sure it hits home with many of you, but I turned my phone off the other day and I could’ve swore there were 4 more hours in the day. I felt so productive.

So I came up with this idea of a “Social Detox” to give myself some rest. I wanted to start it before the holidays, but I also wanted to actually give myself a major break. So I decided I was going to “disappear” for 40 days. Basically, if you’re not family you won’t hear from me until February. For those of you that follow my blog, this won’t be much of a change for you since I hardly ever write.

Social DetoxThis challenge was for me and my heart, but I thought I would share it in case there were others that felt the same way. I found it sad that when I told my youth group about it I felt like they were going to string me up. They were so rude and hateful at the fact I would ask them to take time off of social media on “their Christmas break.”

My bad for thinking you would want to spend the holidays with your family.

Anyway, I really thought this challenge would be beneficial for myself, especially during this time of year. Why not take this season to get away from social media and others to focus on the reason for this season. On that note, I say goodbye for now. I’ll see you in February. Watch me grow. And if this touches you, I challenge you to do it too. What’s forty days compared to a year, or however many years you have left?

It’s time to be a #WorldChanger, a #PlanetShaker.


One thought on “Social Detox

  1. I love love love me some Judah Smith!!! Since you won’t be wasting time on social media I have two books you can check out if they interest you. One is called “Plan B” by Pete Wilson. The other is called “Soul Detox” by Craig Groeschel. Have a wonderful Christmas and God Bless!

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