The Story Behind the Ink…

I have had it heavy on my heart for months now to live every day to it’s fullest. Not just in the sense of all the clichés out there, but honestly taking notice of every day. This goes beyond the essence of Carpe Diem, which is great for pinterest. Let me tell you why I’ve taken notice.

Since I can remember I always dreamed of creating a legacy. I watched shows of history and war, saw legends like Maximus and Achilles, and read of dynasties of old. I wanted that. I wanted to build something that would be known for generations to come. I dreamed of building a mansion with a moat around it, calling it Carney Manor. I wanted a castle. I wanted to make a mark in history, much like most young boys do.

But in the past few years, I’ve begun to realize something; something life changing; something mind altering. I am already a part of a family that has shifted the course of the future and history.

No, I trace my heritage back to Alexander the Great or Michelangelo (which would totally be awesome). I’m talking about my Father. Not Jim Carney either, although he is a World Changer himself. I mean my Father, the Creator of the world. He who wrote time, who is legacy, and who has shaped the lives of a far greater number than I can ever imagine to meet in my lifespan. My lifespan that, in the Psalms, David calls a handbreadth.

Our lives, no matter how long we live, is but a whisper in the ear of eternity. Tweet that.

Anyways, back to the tattoo. I had this heavy on my heart for months. I need to live everyTATTWO day to its fullest, so I can impact as many people as I can. And then one morning I got a call from my best friend’s wife, and we lost a close friend; a brother to us all. It shook everyone that was close to him, which I learned at the funeral was close to 1000 people.

As I sat and listened to the stories of his life, it reminded me much of His life. And I know that no one says anything bad about any one at a funeral, but every story lead to the same focal point. This man lived his life in a way to make every day count. To conquer every day, to be the best at everything he could, and to do it in a way that didn’t destroy other’s along the way. Carpe Diem.

The funeral was a time for mourning, yes. But it also was very humbling, and motivating. It made me realize, NOW is the time.

It reminded me of that movie, In Time, with Justin Timberlake. I think I’ve actually written about this movie before, so obviously it impacted me on a spiritual level. Thanks JT. But in the movie, the people in the lower sectors were so aware of time that they made every second of every day count. They knew that if something wasn’t important, they shouldn’t waste their time there. They made every day count.

Dope movie, deep message.

Now in the Greek there are two words that explain time, Kairos and Khronos. Khronos is our every day time: minutes, seconds, hours, days. In the Greek, it was the personification of time. It is what we live in, every day. Kairos, however, is the “opportune” time. The precise moments, God moments.

I once heard a pastor say that, “When the Holy Spirit lives IN us, we have the ability and the opportunity to bring a Kairos into every Khronos.”

That’s the long story. Short story>> This tattoo is a reminder, it is my eternal clock. Every day, I have 24 hours of Khronos. 24 hours of making every second count. But not only that, every day I have 24 hours (Khronos) to make a Kairos. I want to bring God into every day of my life. That way, the people I encounter every day can meet him too.

And that’s how you build a legacy that can’t crumble. You build it on The Rock.
HIS name is Jesus.